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Guest Corrupt

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Guest Corrupt

There is a program out there that u pay for and its called *Admin edit* if u pay a certain amount of money u can have punkbuster proof hacks and i have seen many hackers and even saw a person confess of having it. I was shocked and i was wondering if PB can find out how to detect it and stop this nonsense please.


*Dont post the names of cheat sites, Thankyou*

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That is what we do here ;)


That is PBBans and Server Admins work , to ride with new menaces.

There are *LOTS* of paying cheats and hacks, some of them bypass PB protection, but with some control and some work, all of them end being catched.


There is a constant war between cheat coders and sites like this.

They think they are winning, we think that in that class of war, a tie is a victory for us.


(LOL :blink: , I am inspired today ;) )



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