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ETpro sv_cvar MAX_CVAR_LIMITS hit.


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I am wondering if anyone knows what this means.On the admin control for the server i see the commands set like :

[02:58:13] etpro: init command sv_cvar cl_freelook EQ 1 all 30 settings like this read up

and then i see the following error .:


02:58:14] ClientBegin: 31


[02:58:14] Setting Axis autospawn to Tank Depot


[02:58:14] Setting Allied autospawn to Allied Spawn


[02:58:14] etpro: ERROR sv_cvar MAX_CVAR_LIMITS hit.

the ERROR sv_cvar MAX_CVAR_LIMITS hit. spams up around 30 times followed by


[02:58:14] etpro svcmd: forcing client cvar [r_wolffog] to [0]


Yet when i check all the players have their settings set to within the command limits within game .Anyone seen this or know what i have messed up ? is is specific to certain players ?

It doesnt seem to cause a problem but it bugs me seeing an error message and not knowing how to fix it

Cheers if someone can help


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Yep it would be a lot of cvars if gobbo being really silly never set a sv_cvarempty command. I remeber taking out the pb_sv_cvarempty from my .config file in etpro as it was clearing my pbbans cvar checks .! In my defence i took a 6v6 config and modded it for my public server . rofl @ me anyhow problem solved so alls well :P

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