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ET:NQ Venom Integrity Error


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hello my clan is trying out the pbbans on our severs

though i am concerned about a "No Quarter Mod" problem most of us have


we always get this error when we start using the Venom

global PB and main menu message reports it as an "integrity error"

but in console it says a "hacked cvar"

here is a screen shot


Posted Image


this is not a hack, yet PB reports it as a hack...


i've went to shitstorm's (creator's of the NQ Mod) website and i saw someone having same problem in a thread...

ive done what they said, the opposite of what they said, everything i could think of, its a really annoying error to get kicked for, but nothing has worked.


so my question is, since PB reports this as a "hacked cvar" will pbbans ban us for this error?

if you have played the NQ mod you know its full of bugs and glitches.

venom is a great gun, i would hate for us to have to disable the gun because of this.

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i would just disable the venom until the problem is fixed, i dont think it has anything to do w/ the server but more do with NO QUARTER. Ive never had that problem when i used the venom, hmm interesting though.

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