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Is PB compatible with multi-user accounts in XP?


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I have BF2142 on an XP machine. I had been playing the game under one account. When I created a couple other accounts, I'll call them A and B, I would get kicked by PB.


I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it while logged into account A. I could then log in and play under account A. If I log into account B I get kicked.


So, is it possible to set up BF2142/PB to work whether I log into account A or B?



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Some more info -

I tried another test. I created a brand new Windows admin account.


When I logged in and tried 2142 again, I got kicked.


I appears that PB is setting up some config files or registry entries that only allow it to run from one account, the first one used.


Has anyone successfully run 2142/PB or anyother game/PB from different Window User accounts?

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