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Need Some Help from anyone whos familiar with Jaymod


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Hey obviously as the topic title says i run a jaymod server. I am fairly new to all this stuff so i could use some help. I want to write some map configs to allow certain maps to turn on things like !sniperwar and !panzerwar, but turn off once it goes to a different map. In my map cycle i wanted to add a sniper map and some good map for a panzerwar, but i cant be their all the time to turn the wars on/off. Also i wanted to be able to write certain spam messages to appear only in specific maps, such as what the next map is. If someone can help me by giving me a link to somewhere that can teach me how to make them, or just explain it here, it would be greately appreciated. Thanx Guys!!! Peace~~~Vio


p.s. I would go to the jaymod forums at jaymod.clanfu.org but believe me that was the first thing i tried. Ive attempted to make an account their several times, but it keeps asking me if im a spambot and wont give me the registration....so i decided id just ask in a place that i already HAVE an account in. ^_^

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First set in your server config: set g_mapconfigs "mapconfigs"

Then create a folder mapconfigs within the jaymod folder.

In a file called default.cfg set everything you want to be the default setting for every map.

In a file called mapname.cfg (mapname has to be replaced by the name of the map) you set everything you want to be set especially for that map.


For map specific spam messages for instance just set the respective g_banners, g_banner1 ... , g_bannertime and g_bannerlocation (check the documentation for those cvars).


If you want to run a !command .. just write the !command in the cfg file (at least works in etpub and noquarter). But this will be started on warmup and on real map start .. dunno whether thats a problem for you.


Hope that helps ..

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o thank you so much. Im real busy right now so it might be some time before i get anything completed, plus my clans forums got deleted...........AGAIN.......-sigh-.......so i got a lot of work ahead of me, aside from school >.<. But thank you a lot, i will see what i can do about making them. And if i have any problems ill probably either reply to this or pm you with a question or something. Thanx Alf ^_^
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It's not that hard to get the banner to say what map is next. The Bunker servers all list the next three maps in their banner, and many other servers do the same.


For the configs, if your using the updated version that allows you to write your own admin commands, code either a !normal or a !nopanzerwar and !nosniperwar to be the counter act of the !panzerwar and !sniperwar. That way anyone with that level of admin can turn those settings on and off at command, without having to go through rcon.


- |DwG| Erls

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