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Reporting a hack?


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Ok, here goes.


I'm the owner/operator of |DwG|, a gaming community. Recently, I kicked a member because I had been receiving multiple reports of his using the "EDITED" hack.. In fact, he had actually admitted to using it at one point. Now, I do not play BF2, however I still feel that, as a server owner, it is my duty to report this. This is the website he gave a fellow member, saying that he can go their for hacks.


EDITED: Please do not post links to cheat sites on the forums. If you want to pass along a cheat, contact one of the staff members directly.


I will not include any names here, as that might lead to slandering. Any PB Admin interested in receiving all the information I possess, can pm me. I do not wish for this to turn into a damn hacker flame thread, which is why I am not naming any names.

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