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PB server Running Old Version


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I installed the Enemy Territory 2.6b, when i tried to join on a server i was kicked by pb, so i get the pbsetup.exe on evenbalance and made the updates that the program said that i need to do.

Now when i tried to join on almost all server, i was disconnected cause the pb server says that im running the otehr version different .The server is running a old version of pb . :blink:

LOOK THIS PIC , on this pic it says (c1286) on another server it were other number low than (c1286)




I will not can play anymore on servers that are using olders versions ?? :blink:

What i need to do ?? :(

Help me please :(




ps. if im not wrong im running pb (v1.257 | A1364 C1.298)



Sorry for my bad english :(

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I am not sure, but i thing that you can play in this server with the command

Bye bye

Yep, you are right.


This is written in the punkbuster FAQ:


Why does PB spam "PB Server running Old Version" on some servers and how do I make it stop?


Some PB Server admins are not able or willing to fix their firewall so that their PunkBuster server can keep itself always auto-updated to the latest version. Therefore, when a new PB update comes out, their server(s) will continue running the old version until updated manually. When players join a PB Server that is running an old version, that old PB will try to 'downgrade' each player's PB to match the old version running at that server and the "PB Server running Old Version" message is generated every few seconds during this process. We encourage players to avoid servers like this as PB often does not work efficiently nor catch the latest cheats when old versions are running. If the attempts to 'downgrade' your PB fail, then you will be kicked. If you trust the server admin, you can enter "pb_security 0" into your console to allow your PB to be downgraded. If you know how to get in touch with the admin, please let him/her know of the problems caused by not having a properly functioning / auto-updating PB Server.

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