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Hey Guys.....



I have a player that was banned from my server but he manages to keep getting back in...


he admits to using a cheat to get past basic training and I've had to ban at least 10 accounts from him...


he was banned for using the under the map exploit in urban assault...


I'm a noob server admin so maybe one of you vets have some words of wisdom to help me out :D

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ok...I figured out the screenshot issue....but I still dont know how to stop this hacke from getting on the server....any help would be much appreciated...thx

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PBBans does not provide support for banlists not generated here at PBBans. Our banlists are secure and we cannot vouch for the other sites ;)


As far as you hacker problem goes, is this player always using the same IP address? If so, do a banmask for his IP :)

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