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Hey i got a small problem with a guid

i'm an admin of a french ET cup, and we were checking for cheaters with yawn website..

This guy is spotted as an aimbot user LINK

but on pbban website, when i try to check is guid on the database, it tells me that : "the GUID B97C7A333674024F9684702275CEE50E is not on our ban list."


so where the problem? spotted or not?

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B97C7A333674024F9684702275CEE50E58268194 - ETPro guid, PBBans do not deal with these


80c1a44561e17585f39325a6af9c5681 - PBguid which is on the banlist, the YAWN facility has linked this pbguid to the above etpro guid you mentioned.


All I can say for sure is that the pbguid above is on the banlist. ETProguids are unreliable and can be spoofed, pbguids can not. If you wish to use data from YAWN, that is up to you.

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