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Need Help With Acct Recovery Please

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I am in need of recovering my acct info please.


My account info is:


Login: =BwO=Paragon

email: [email protected]

clan: BlackwaterOps

server: 20 slot honor server.

game: Americas Army

website: www.blackwaterops.net (now: www.blackwaterops.us)


I have changed domain names on my site from blackwaterops.net to .us


Becasue of this change, I am unable to recover my password for the fact that my email address isnt correct on my acct. I had to create this acct (EUWI) to get into your site so that I can get some help with recovering my acct info.


I asked kcinc0gnito for his help, but he was unable to help me for the fact that my ip now and ip when i registered do not match. The reason for this is, we now have a new Internet provider here in TN. We used to have RoadRunner, but Comcast has since taken over. I can provide any answers needed so that I can verify that I am who I say I am and that I can get back into my account.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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