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PunkBuster Services Beta


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Beginning with PunkBuster client version 1.500, we have extended the PunkBuster Anti-Cheat system to operate without the requirement to run PunkBuster supported games with Administrator privileges when running under Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. In order to do this, we have developed new Windows service components to work with the PunkBuster system. We are currently conducting open beta testing for the new service components.


To participate in the open beta testing, issue the "pb_installservice" command in your game console after joining a server (at this point, you must still be running as the Administrator user). This command will attempt to install a new PunkBuster service called PnkBstrA. Alternatively, the PBSVC Setup Program can be used as a standalone installer/uninstaller for the PnkBstrA service; PBSVC can be downloaded from here.


Once the PnkBstrA service is running along with a new PB client version 1.500 and higher, running PB enabled games under Windows 2000, XP or Vista no longer requires Administrator privileges.

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HI all n deepest respect to all those on the staff...............................this is truly great work you guys are doing



just wondering if its possible for you guys to move into JOINT OPERATIONS TYPHOON RISING (escalation is the exspansion pack)


serious cheating problem on this game without any true way to ban


new cheats out that are undectable, punk buster is used on jo tr/esc but there is no actual way to ban on our servers



ESS Goldman

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