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Server Set-Up

TRU Torch-1

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We have been having some trouble with our BF 1942/ Deserty Combat server lately. It seems that when we are streaming it is kicking a lot of players for ignoring MD5 queries or packet loss violations. These are fellow clan members and other regular players who do not use cheats. While we love the MD5 tool and streaming. It seems that no one gets kicked with streaming files and the like removed. I play my game on a Macintosh and it always crashes me to the desktop after about three minutes with no mention of any violations. We are in contact with the folks that we have our server service through and they have been working on some switches and have a bad router on thier system they are trying to workout. This has been causing us some really erratic pings and making it impossible to play. I have downloaded some pbbans config files and use them also with the same result. I need to get this stuff worked out and get the server streaming again. We all want the MD5 tool back in operation because we get quite a few cheaters on. We are a skilled competitive clan and we play TWL ladders also and this makes some players that come to our server feel like they need to cheat to beats us. We are very much against players who cheat,hack and use glitches. We often go to other servers for friendly visits to try and build a rapport with others in the game. When some of us have gone to the DHA server they seem to have the same problem with the MD5 thing kicking players for ignoring MD5 queries or packet loss violations. Some of us go and play on the JOLT server and I dont see the problem there. They are streaming servers and I wonder what the difference is. If you could help me get this sraitened out I would greatly appreciate it.


You can contact me at any of these places below.


X-Fire = truclan

E-Mail = [email protected]

E-Mail = [email protected]

WEB = www.tru-clan.net

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