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Need help about a SS and more


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I'm Riva, webmaster/admin of a BF2142 team and also admin of our server ranked.


I contacted Even Balance about my problems. Here's my message :




I'm Riva, webmaster/admin of a BF2142 team and also admin of our server ranked.


I contacted you a weeks ago about a problem of kick without reason displayed. I had mentioned the reference of a PunksBusted admin. You had not known to say me why I couldn't play anymore. A few days afterwards, I could again play.


My team takes part on the Coupe de France organized by Electronic Arts and ClanFrance.com, we gained our last match synonymous with participation in the semi-final, in LAN.


A few hours later, I learn that I'm a cheater with a screenshot like proof. Here's : http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/8784/pb000829di7.png


I certify : I never cheated but I cannot prove it except my word of honor.


Before the match starts, I used the pb_plist command to capture the PB Guid of each player. The problem : on this screenshot, my PB Guid is displayed via pb_plist but at the top the PB Guid displayed is not mine : http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/5372/pbplistbg0.png


However having execute a test, it proves that this PB Guid is related to my nickname ingame. I've only three keys of this game, I had only three distinct PB Guid, here's :


5bb971bf99940a4c16ca40978b4b2233 (my first PB Guid from my DVD game)

dc6d30ed7632cd67b816f28cea68d753 (my second PB Guid from my Collector BF2142 version)

8c198bcfa9872ebbbce4be9ddc44fb64 (my third PB Guid from my Northern Strike version)


I don't know from which this new PB Guid comes. I had it at the same time as my old during our match (March 27).


This PB Guid : 3962ce76ee113256deccecdfacc2835a


I checked the public PsB databases to seek after a possible trace of cheating compared to my PB Guid, I didn't find anything, my PB Guid are operational and works always at the present time.


The owner of the server of our match (EA's trusted partner), Eliott-Ness.org thinks of a problem related to my graphics card but this one is recent.


From where come can all these problems ? I specify that I could play only four times this month on ranked servers. Sunday March 4, after 7 hours of play, I retry to play some later and I'm kicked without knowing the reason. Then I contacted you, ten days later I could again play. I sent my keys to a friend so that it makes tests, it was never kicked whereas me I couldn't play.


Fortunately, I had two keys in stock, one offered via BF2Live.com since I am a newser/moderator, in last October (BF2142 collector version), another, recent, received by BF2Live.com still, for Northern Strike.


I used the same key, same PB Guid of October 2006 to March 4, 2007. Since March 4, I have many problems. I've started various scans (antivirus, antispywares, etc), nothing unusual.


Today I'm considered as a cheater. I'll want answers to my various questions and that all my problems are explained.


Lastly, we've preview the *.bf2142demo files of this match and no sequence reference to the PB screenshot. If you wish to get these files, keep me informed.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Team des -=FRA=- Webmaster



Here's the Even Balance answer :


Because screenshots are somewhat subjective, we do not make any decision based on them. The screenshot feature in PunkBuster is designed to allow server administrators to determine what they believe to be cheats.


Your best bet for interpreting a screenshot is to join a community such as "PunksBusted.com" or "PBBans.com". The user community there will be able to assist you with these issues and much more.


Here's the PB screenshot : http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/8784/pb000829di7.png


Can you help me please ?


Thanks in advance.

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