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Recent Updates (FBI & SBD)


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Things have been hectic and busy over at the new FBI-TEAM.ORG web site. A lot is going on and we are trying to manage everything all at once. Our web host decided to update every friggin little security concern and it hosed nearly all our web coding and database. So we have been spending extra time combing through code and more. But everything is coming along fine. Below is a list of projects that we have been working on.


Bans Database Updates:

ArmyOps Master Ban Index (MBI) File = (100% Complete)

- Online and ready for public use. Go to this page: America's Army: Master Bans List Download and click the link only. You should only be able to get the file from that web page. WGET and all other third party download tools should not work. (Sorry!)


SBD Search Page = (10% Complete)

- April 1st, 2007 release date was pushed back due to some compatibility issues. Waiting for the green light for a new theme design. Also still testing out session functionality as well as a new security protocol. Several new features as well as affiliate links are being added. Still trying to work out the coding for selective AC Group bans downloads. Should be releasing a rough search page to facilitate the masses - it's been only a month since the SBD has been offline. Please be patient.


More Details Here

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