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getting screenshots


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hi all i use a program called bf2ra and when i take a screenshot it saves it on the server is there anyway i can get them with out going through multiplay clanforge.

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You need file access to get PBSS from the server. This can by a game panel or FTP.


I would ask your GSP is they have HTTP setup for the PBSS folder. Some GSP's enable this and the ip usually looks like: http:////



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To foward log info is a very light load on a server, but sending the screen shots over the net to a second site? how would that save on server load? or save on bandwidth?


I'm thinking it would be more like extra drain, or do i miss something?

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program called bf2ra

I suppose it is battlefield and a ranked server?

In that way u would need to get your PBBSS by provider CP.

You wont get any other access to that server as to your settz for the game and the PBSS.

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