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Strange pbss hack or not?


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Alright both of these pbss were taken at 2 totally different times by pb's autoss. I do not think ET looks this good in picture quality and I cannot figure out where or what exactly this came from. The map says Adlernest and I cannot find anything like that in that map. If you look at them the pictures are one in the same except it seems its 2 parts of a bigger picture. My only thoughts for this is a glitch, or something in the map that I'm not seeing, but more than likely a pbss spoof. I sent this to evenbalance and asked and they could not answer me so I'll bring my question here. So can you tell me hack or not?

BTW These are a couple moths old I've had them awhile, but since I just registered on here I thought I would ask. It can't hurt really.


Posted Image


Posted Image

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i also think its a glitch, pb is far from perfect.


ive once saw pbss that got the players desktop picture :blink: (it would seem like here, but a desktop pic cannot move/change)


i would seggest to take a demo or somthing if the player behaving suspeciusly.

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TBH this player use to use his server and let people use undetected hacks on it knowing it. When a specific private hack got released and all the cheaters went crazy if I'm not mistaken his server was open for the hack which I cannot name lol. Basically everyone on his server used the hack so I don't know he has always been a suspicious player.


Although I will say these are on 2 totally different occasions at least a week apart I think. I don't understand how it would come up with the same glitch twice. Everytime I have tried to get a pbss it gives me a blackscreen or autopbss picks up that stuff in the pbss.

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