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I'm hoping someone knows what to do about stopping these advertizing hax coming into our server...

Admin: Removed please dont post linked to cheats/cheat sites here thx

The above ad pops up every few minutes and I cannot see who is doing it. In the console, all I see is a huge list of numbers and nothing matches any of the players on the server.


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Hi Filthy_Few.



Try typing "pb_plist" in the console and then take a screenshot.


This should give you a list of the players on the server.


Then try and get a screenshot of the scoreboard so you can compare the scoreboard names with the names in your playerlist and the names in the server.log later.


Restart your server to remove all players from the server including the one using the hack to send admin messages.


There are a few different hacks around that apparently have this capability. If you compare screenshots and find a name that only shows up on one list then that might help to track down the culprit.


Send me a pm with the info and I will see if I can get anything out of the log files that will help.


Good luck



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