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when a person is guid global banned and evenbalance refuses to change the ban, what options are available. and no, i have not been banned by them. i know a server admin who was trying to figure out a way to catch hackers on his server so he went and got one of those hacks to find out what pb screenshots actually shows and guess what, he got caught by punkbuster. will he be able to use his old name if he buys a new game or will he have to start all over again from the beginning. HE WAS NOT HARDWARE BANNED. JUST A GUID GLOBAL BAN.


any help would be great. guess it does not pay to try and get rid of hackers by trying there sh*t just to see what actually shows up.

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Yes he will however I read that BF2 account gets flagged for some violations. Not sure how much truth is in that.


EA states it will wipe the account that was caught.

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will he have to format his computer to be able to play. he doesn't want to get a new game and then end up being banned again. just trying to cover all the grounds that he may have to go through

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