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Reporting Players and Servers


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PBBans only bans players if it's cheat related. We do NOT ban for admin abuse, orange player names, glitching etc.



If you need to report a player that breaks the Rules of Conflict they need to be sent to EACS.


3rd party report sites only forward reports to EACS so it's best to contact EACS directly.


Online Conduct

Players are expected to abide by the EA Online Terms and Conditions while playing on ranked Battlefield servers. You agreed to the EA Online Terms and Conditions when you established your EA Account.


The purpose of these Rules of Conduct is to illustrate how the EA Online Terms and Conditions apply when you play on ranked Battlefield servers. Multiple or critical violations of the Terms and Conditions may result in the loss of online play or stat/award reset. Violation may also result in the termination of your EA Account and the loss of anything associated with it (such as points, tokens or in-game items).


The following are examples of conduct that is not permitted by the EA Online Terms and Conditions:


  • You are not permitted to use offensive soldier names or clan tags. Also, you may not actively encourage other players to violate the EA Online Terms and Conditions while in-game.
  • You may not organize any Clans or groups that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate-mongering philosophy.
  • You may not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any data streams or transmissions to or from EA or IGN services, or use any application or software while using the Battlefield services which are not approved by EA or IGN.
  • You may not exploit any bug or abuse any game system (such as the scoring or award systems) in an EA product or service. You may not intentionally use or share any bug found within any Battlefield games, real or fictitious, regardless of whether or not it grants an unfair advantage. You will not directly or indirectly communicate the existence of any such bug to any other user of EA's games or services.
  • Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to:
  • Playing on restricted kit servers (knife, shock, and pistol only)
  • Taking turns killing, reviving, receiving ammo, etc.
  • Abusing world geometry to your advantage without risk
  • Exploiting vehicle damage to repair indefinitely
  • Creating a play environment which, by definition or action, creates an inflated scoring scenario

Ranked Server Administrators:


If you are an administrator of a ranked Battlefield server (referred to below as a "Server Administrator"), you must also comply with the EA Online Terms and Conditions.


Server Administrators are in violation of the EA Online Terms and Conditions if they enforce server rules on ranked servers that prohibit or severely limit players from using any roles, kits, weapons, vehicles, or other features of the game while playing on their server. Examples of such rules that would violate the EA Online Terms and Conditions include:


  • Preventing players from being Commander or Squad Leaders
  • Preventing players from using certain vehicles such as jets, helicopters, or tanks
  • Running knife / pistol-only servers
  • Preventing players from using all commander assets (artillery, vehicle drop, UAV or scans). If using the Infantry-only server-side option, this should be clearly stated in the game's loading screen
  • Preventing players from using certain weapons or items (such as flash bangs or C4) or enforcing a "pistol only" or "knife only" server rule
Server Administrators may implement and enforce rules that result in minor changes to gameplay behavior or styles as long as these are clearly stated before a player starts playing on a server. These rules typically introduce minor or limited restrictions on how a certain aspect of the game can be used, but do not create or promote an environment that would allow abuse of the scoring/award system. Examples of such rules that are acceptable are:


    [*]Limiting movement of combat assets, such as Titans, Ships, Aircraft and Vehicles during game play

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