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PB keeps kicking me


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Ok heres the SS of the violation Posted Image


Anyways i play Americas Army 2.5 and i was wondering what i could do besides reinstall AA

Also b4 this i was getting a kick similar but it said coronas.utx or something but i got the file from a friend. It only kicks me from 2 server (granite theres only 17 active servers in 2.5) please help



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Have you checked with the server hosts of those two servers?

It would seem that the checks they are running are what is causing your problems.


Contact the server admins of the respective servers via their forums and follow their advice.


good luck.

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Well im in contact with the clan they happen to be an allie so ill try to figure it out but idk why scripts don't pick it up but PB does but idk if they have AASA or not but anyways you guys have no clues what to do? I think im just going to re-download my 2 AA's 2.5 + 2.8



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