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Colored Names


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I am curious as to the policy of colored name modification. We do not allow it on our server, as we consider it a hack for a modified game file. Is this something PBBans and/or EA will ban a player for? It doesn't give an advantage, but if someone is modifiying game files for color, who knows what else they are modifying....


If so, I have posted screenshots of the two offenders in our forum and below.


Screen Shot 1 - KeijiM


Screen Shot 2 - deadddeath



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For reference, here is my conversation with EA regarding colored name changes:


Are players allowed to change the color of their name? I have attached two screen shots of players on our server that have done this. Please let me know if this is allowed...As of now, we have banned the players from our server, but I want to know the official position of EA on this matter. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.


The color can be changed by adding special characters to your name, it is not a violation. If you have any further questions or concerns please reply to this email or visit our extensive knowledge base online at http://support.ea.com.

Thank you,

Alex I.

EA Online Support

How are the special characters added? It is my understanding that the game files have to be modified to make these changes. Modification of game files is against ROE and/or TOS. Please clarify.


I found this link that shows a way to change the color: (link removed - if your dying to know, a quick google search will send you to the link)


This is clearly a modification of a file. Is there another way to change your name color that does not require modification of game file(s)?



There are other ways. I do not see it as a violation however as a server admin you have the full right to remove those players from your server as that text can be considered an interruption.

A player on a ranked server may modify their game files to create a colored name?


How else are name colors changed?



Details will not be posted here. Feel free to search online.



FWIW, I could not find a way to change the color without modification of game files during my search.




Anyway, thanks for the reply!

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