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weird Problem need help!!!


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I have a strange problem.

I got a second account which is PB banned. This is not my account and that is why you have to check the IP’s who is really the owner of the banned account.


I need your prove that is was not my account.

I never created that account. All I did is logging in with this account.


>>>>>>>>>> A1FB8454DA425079755BC2BD28DC7C30 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

name before was: Wasserpistole


Now I am linked with this rubbish.

In addition, many people think that is my account.


So please help me and can you check the IPs who logged in with that account?

It is not mine. I need your prove


I have to prove one league that I am not the owner of that account.

It was already banned and I logged in … lol




That is not my account!!!

I know the name who is the owner of that account




I need your prove that he is the owner of that banned account and not me.

All I did was logging in with that banned account and so hazard links the account to me.


A league thinks now that I am the owner of that account.

americasarmy have to check the ips email what else to prove the league that is not my account

do you understand? :D^^


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A1FB8454DA425079755BC2BD28DC7C30 This account is yours?


It has a PunkBuster Global GUID Ban.


PunkBuster Global bans are issued by EvenBalance, not by PBBans.


I suggest you contact EvenBalance and submit a support ticket here


Just as an aside, bans are generated by GUID alone, not by IP.



Good Luck.

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