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Admin Message hack


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Ive seen a few posts around but no resolutions provided. Is there any way to stop these idiots from doing admin message exploits and making the players spin please post any resolutions you have for this as it has become very annoying.

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I understand your frustration - it IS very annoying :(


Unfortunately at the moment there are several as yet undetected cheats that are capable of doing this.


All I can suggest is that you make certain that whatever scripts you use on your server are as up to date as possible.


Ingame, if the cheat appears, type pb_plist in your console to get a player list and then take a screenshot of that.


Take a screenshot of the scoreboard to compare the names from the playerlist.


Restart the server - thereby kicking all players including the cheater and spoiling their fun.


If you have access to the server logs you may be able to compare your screen captures with information from the logs to track down the culprit - or you can send the information in a pm to me and I will try and help.


Then the players GUID can be added to your personal banlist and you can publish that GUID and the evidence that you have anywhere you can so others can add the GUID to their own banlists.


good luck.

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I am new to your Forums I am a senior Admin of oldguygamers. How would I have a player who is using the Super Admin hack added to the ban list? He took total control of our server and all Admin's lost control of it I was one. I have a screen shot from my view to see it. He could not be banned and he kicked 2 players and pb banned them from our server. The message came up pb banned by Admin everytime these players tried to log back in to our server. They are regular players and can not get back in. Thank you for any help you can give us in this matter.

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To unban them you have to edit the pbbans.dat file and delete their bans. As for this superadmin hack I have no idea how to fix it. My guess is maybe he got the admin password...

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There is a new hack out there that let the hacker get control over the server. And I mean total control, with no way to ban them through the admin panel or remote login. He doesn't need the admin password.

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yes, we caught one in the .K!$$. server he was banned via f-12 before he removed power from the only admin in there. He also exploited 1000's of points for the team he was on, forcedclass everyone weapons differently, admin mesgd..... He owned till a server restart and his player name was banned so he could not come back in...LOL


VeryDirtySanchez was his name.

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