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US Army Halloween Team Challenge Event (Sac, CA)


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Yep, we're at it again! We're holding another LAN Gaming Event here in the Sacramento, California area! This time we're going all out! There will be a 50 slot LAN gaming setup, XBOX consoles, US Army presence, Halloween costume contest, activities, prizes, and giveaways!


We're putting together a vigorous advertising campaign with a special treat- Soon to be announced!


Web Site/Registration: http://events.fbi-team.org/index.php


Date(s): October 19, 2007 @ 3pm | October 20, 2007 @ 10am | October 21, 2007 @ 10am

Location: BT Collins Army Reserve Center, 6251 Midway St - Bldg #653, Sacramento, CA 95828

Contacts: SFC Victor Farrier @ (888) 305-2260 | Theo Hampton @ (916) 236-8868

List of possible sponsors:

GlobarlVR - http://www.globalvr.com (America's Army Arcade Game)


Alienware - http://www.alienware.com

AMD/ATI - http://www.amd.com | http://www.ati.com

Asus - http://www.asus.com

Creative - http://www.creative.com

Dell - http://www.dell.com

Gamespot - http://www.gamespot.com

Intel - http://www.intel.com

Linksys - http://www.linksys.com

Nvidia - http://www.nvidia.com

OCZ - http://www.ocztechnology.com

RatPadz - http://www.ratpadz.com

Wolf King - http://www.wolfkingusa.com


Blue Diamond - http://www.bluediamond.com

Coca-Cola - http://www.coca-cola.com

Frito Lay - http://www.fritolay.com

Hershey - http://www.hersheys.com

Mars - http://www.mars.com

Pepsi - http://www.pepsi.com

Red Bull - http://www.redbull.com

Slim Jim - http://www.slimjim.com

Sobe - http://www.sobebev.com

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Thank you all to whom have supported us and are attending!


The first day is off and running with great results! Several players (new and old) made it to the first day of or weekend long event. Everything ran smoothly once we ironed out some kinks but everyone had a good time!


As an added bonus two more sponsors made unexpected and gracious contributions to our event by donating some more items to the prize pool. We would like to thank AMD/ATI and Ideazon for their most thankful donations.


You can take a look at the updated prize/giveaway items list at the event web site

(Click on the Prize Title Links)


Ideazon Zboards - (New)

AMD/ATI T-Shirts - (New)

AMD/ATI Posters - (New)

AMD Pens - (New)

America's Army Discs

America's Army Posters

America's Army T-Shirts

RatPadz Mouse Pads



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