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Ucon error while conecting to HUB on server start


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We have an americas amry server and apparently were streaming to you.

But seems that were having some errors in log file. I would like to as if this is normal, or we missed something when we setup streaming.


This is the log were having at start.

PB UCON Profile added type=1 mask="" name="pbbans"

PB UCON Session #1 Opened [] type=1 name="pbbans" key=


But then this error message pops up.


PB UCON Session #1 Header Mismatch "pbbans"@



Nevertheless we are streaming and we receive bans.

PB UCON "pbbans"@ [PB_SV_BanGUID 97a90fdc0cc6d07f1d4c7617da5123e1 "RudolfoShock" "" "PBBansHub!PB HACK"]


Perhaps someone could tell me something about this “Header Mismatch” error.


Kindly regards,


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