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America's Army and HLSW


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We got a new AA server today and in the process of getting it set up to stream to PB, I had to use HLSW. Now, I added the server and it appears in the box, however it keeps saying it's timed out. Now, all the information is correct, checked the IP and connection port but it keeps displaying the timeout and the server is highlighted as red.


Another problem I'm having is when I try to enter the rcon password it will not allow me to test it or anything, I can't enter it whatsoever, all the boxes are grayed out.


Is there something I am missing here?


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nub myself here Spartan51, but I never had any luck using HLSW and AA and apparently there is some contention as to whether AA is truly supported or not :(


Rcon is another thing that doesnt work with AA - AA uses the "admin pb_sv_* " format which is why I think the HLSW doesnt work.


To set up streaming via the PBBans HUB for Americas Army, please read this guide paying particular attention to the instructions specifically for AAO Admins about 2/3rds of the way down the page.


If you have FTP access to the server you may find it easier to use the FTP instructions, but the admin command set should have you streaming very shortly :D


Good Luck :)

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Alright, thanks for the help. Unfortunetly, we are having some provider side problems and are currently unable to even connect to the server, hopefully we can get this sorted so I can get this server streaming.

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Ok, we got the server problem sorted out, but I ran into another problem. We had an AA server way back in the day and you were able to play the game and be admin at the same time... I know it's still possible, but when I join the server as admin and enter the password it won't let me play, just spectate. I'm also unable to enter pb commands, I'm entering them correctly, but I'm not receiving a response in my console so I'm unable to get our server streaming.


EDIT: Problems solved, this can be locked. B)

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Yep, you can still play and be admin at the same time. :)



In your server.ini file which you will have to access via FTP to edit, please look for this section and fill in the admin password as I have indicated by stars



In the same section you will see a list beginning like this


and ending like so



IMMEDIATELY after this add these lines

PlayerAdmin=PLAYER ONE
PlayerAdmin=PLAYER TWO

Nominating of course the exact ingame player names of those you wish to be player admin.


Hope that gets you on your way Spartan51.


Once you join as a player admin you should be able to get a response from the command "admin pb_sv_ver" which will let you know you are good to go.


Good luck. :D


edit: ahh poop.. spent so long looking at my SS's that I didnt even notice the edit - I will leave this here for the info for others though.

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