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Hello there need help


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Hello there:


Hi i just wanted to send a msg to the administrator of pbbans. if u could pass them this msg

i sended it to yawn peepz, but i want the administrator who add bans to read it if he could..


Hello there:


Hi there, I'm a player of Enemy Territory game (alias: pROZZ), was just wondering if u guys could fix me the problem, of why i apears on yawn ban list, i got banned for some reason and unknown one cuz i dunno about hacks and i dont even know if its a hack, its aim = 1.0000 thing, 9001 cvar. btw i haven't hack on any games.. and I want it to be fix if u guys can plz remove the ban, u can check my guid 8364F86E13F553C9D325C7C09AB07077F6DBD433. there u can see it, it was long time ago, but now ppl think I am a hacker cuz i am in a competition of ETPro im being suspend cuz of it. Btw as u can see the guid its all clean, just that 2 warning on there, that reason are: CVAR #9001 - (aim = 1.0000)

i just dont have any idea wth it is.. When i was a starter on etpro, i used to download alots of cfgs around mayb some of em haved a command of loading a hack, Im not sure if it is..


On pbbans(here) site i check the reason 2 and this its reason:


Please do not submit support tickets to EvenBalance for this ban since it has a violation concerning Caught by PBSS, Caught by Demo, CVAR #9001 and MD5Tool #9002.


I just plz if u guys could help me and check what this is, and if u could remove that 2 warning/accusations on yawn list... cuz i haven't got an warning till i change to my own cfg, as u can see on the list.. plz msg me back add me on msn: [email protected] and or on xfire: prozz0r


*AND BTW, IF U GUYS COULD SEND THE DEMO U SAID U CAUGHT ME.. plz add on msn: [email protected] there u can send me it*


ty for taking care, and helping.

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