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2 of our squad admins joined the board yesterday, Aireek and =ATAC=Bruce460. Since I created the original team account, did they need to fill in the same information regarding team server, website etc?

I have noticed they have been pending approval while newer member submissions have been approved. Have they not followed proper protocol, or do they need validation from me?

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Patience :)


Both accounts for Aireek and =ATAC=bruce460 were created. They haven't clicked the validation link from the e-mail sent to them. If they didn't see it, a lot of times some ISP mail servers deem forum mail as junk...so have them check their as well.


As far as adding them to your Team Account, you have the power to do that :)

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Thanks Bob. They haven't been around today so I don't think they have had a chance to verify their emails yet. I'll check with them later.

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I did not receive an email from you guys to validate yet. but I was able to log in.

I am still waiting.

No worries...I have already updated your account. I also see that you have been added to the Team Account as well.

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