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Thank you PBBans staff, TYVM SISKIN....


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I would like to publically recognize and thank the Staff here for your assistance, with my appeal to a recent #50100 violation.


Due to issues beyond my ability or desire to comment on, a false detection, and resulting ban, was registered here. EB required extensive time to acknowledge the error.


Within hoursof EB's decision, technical difficulties were overcome, the ban lifted.


Siskin, TYVM for all your help with this issue, here, and other forums. It truely is appreciated.


And a word for many others, who someday may need the help appealing thier ban......


PLEASE be patient. It took 2 weeks of serious investigation by EB to positively identify what happened, and why.


The staff here are understanding, and reasonable people, here to help you along the way, so please respect them, and thier desire to help. It is a difficult position to be in, and the folks here do a great job.


Once again Thank you.


I do hope we won't be seeing each other soon, except in combat, and on more social terms.





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