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Hello, please appreciate that the following information may change my mind according detailed as follows:


1 .- Add the user id 108984 as Streaming Game Admin.

2 .- After add as Account Manager and assign all rights to my mind and that is the Head Admin.

3 .- In addition to Head Admin user id 109941 and 108966 remain well as Administrators.


Thanks! :lol:



EDIT: The email account must be the same as user id 108984

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Ok thank you, but they can change the email account by [email protected]? This email belongs to the user id 108984 indicated in my previous post.


Thanks :P



EDIT: Also I have another problem with the forwarding of logs to ICA and not doing this and I have no idea because it does not, if it were not annoying thing that could revise this happening?

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Email addy has been changed :)

There is no Head Admin function as such but you have 3 admins on your team


C6 ahh72_DEU (109941)


C6_Chus (108966)


CharlieTF (108984)


The server is streaming and all logs are being forwarded to both ACI and AON. You may need to contact Reaper or Fragnader at ACI to determine why they have not parsed them.


Cheers :)



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Ok thank you, then my configuration is very good and I have no problems at all. :D


Because we believe that streaming by ip repository with psb generate problems or have nothing to do? Because I see that we have streaming with them and pbbans at the same time and walk very well. :lol:

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