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Auto Screenshots = Crash, Manual Screenshots Not Working


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Does anyone else have a problem with screenshots not working right? On our BF2142 server, we've had to disable automatic screenshots due to it crashing the server. I didn't really like the idea, but it wasn't that bad. I'd rather actually play and have a few hackers than not play at all. However, I tried taking screenshots manually today and I found out that not even those are working! They're all timing out. I might get 1 screenshot out of 50, but that's it.


So, is anyone else having screenshot issues? Not sure if it's just our provider or what... but I'd like to get the screenshots back up and running.


I submitted a ticket to EB earlier today, so hopefully we can get it sorted out if it's not our provider.

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i have the same problem on all of our servers. I made a post about it a while back but got no response from anybody. sucks that you have the same issue, but im glad its not just me thats having problems


can somebody help us out please?

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