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Screenshot .html?


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Sorry, totally new to PB and SS's.


I attempted a few screenshot's tonight. My config is the standard PB config. We aren't doing auto SS.


I did not see an .png in my /svss folder. Instead I found a file entitled pbsvss.htm. Inside of that were two links (which went nowhere I could tell, followed by the players GUID and name). There was also another file called pb000004.htm. I took them via the PB Webtool; highlighting player's slot number and pressing the SS button.


Any idea where my set-up is wrong and why I am not getting .png photos?

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Sometimes the screenshots just aren't transferred. Try taking screenshots of a few players that you know are playing, and then check five minutes later to see if they're there.


You can also check your /svlogs/ and search for the player name to see if you can see if a screenshot has timed out, been corrupted, or simply failed to transfer.

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The pbsvss.htm file is the file which allows to be hosted the shots so to speak. Usually your provider will have set up the system to allow you to view your screenshots via a web page.


Sometimes the link looks like this


http:// ip/ ip/svss/pbsvss.htm (not always but this is the most common setup.)


This is a link to my servers shots so you can see what the pbsvss.htm looks like in action


AAO public screenshots


Perhaps check with your host to see if this facility is set up for you and if so just double check on the address used.


As Woolf says, sometimes the .png's just dont get transferred or are corrupted or timed out - the fact that you get a .htm file though makes me believe that your request for a shot went through fine.


Is there a reason you are not using auto ss? Not that it matters, it is just that I find it the simplest way to deal with screenshots - leaves me time to play ;)

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