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In my travels with the ban-pages and MPI, I found something that I thought I'd suggest an improvement for. When you view a ban, it shows the player alias that was caught there, and also that IP address. Perhaps it would be a good idea to link those to MPI searches- eg, if you clicked the guilty alias in an ET ban, it would do an MPI search for that alias in the ET MPI section, and if you clicked the guilty IP, it would do the same thing but for that IP.


Good idea? No? Thought I'd say it anyway. Have a good one!



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Actually, it isn't a good idea. The bans added to the MBI are based on the players PB GUID and not the alias or IP address. It is dangerous to link players to bans this way. Would probably turn into a flamefest of discussions outside of PBBans...i.e. "I caught Johnny cheating...see here is the proof". Then link to a ban with someone having the same nick as poor Johnny...when in fact it wasn't him at all.

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