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the different rep cfgs - setup right ?


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Im streaming a cod4 server to pbbans - using the rep method. Should the pbucon.use file have the same settings as the pbsv.cfg file ? coz the ucon.use file has different values.


and the pbsvlog.cfg has but one value - thats for the logport


now im wondering where the profile got set to stream !?


coz its not in my pbsv.cfg - but my acct mgr shows my 2 servers streaming

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Both of your servers are streaming to PBBans via the Hub and not the Repository.


oh.. thanks, sheesh..way too many settings so .... guess i needs to read a lot more.

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Actually, the Hub settings are simple...no need to do the settings from the Repository means of streaming. PBBans primary and recommended method is the Hub. ;)

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ok, i did read the hub setup method and followed it. Guess i picked thru the cfgs tonite and got that lost look going ...


Im trying to figure out the "relaxed" values for autoss - ive got a ton of files in my svss folder, i see that there is a rewrite setting so the svss folder should take care of itself. I guess i have to pick thru them, if i want to keep autoss enabled.


thats when i noted that the ucon and pbsv cfgs had different values. That doesn't matter ?


or should i make them identical ?


sorry to reply with new questions but. .. this cfg question is bugging me

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