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COD4 - Hub Greeting Problem


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Is there anyone else having hub greetings problems in COD 4?


The messages are being streamed to our servers, but don't show up in game anymore. It's been that way for the past couple of days or so.


I get this from our server logs :-


[12.07.2007 23:58:45] PB UCON "pbbhub"@ [pb_sv_say 0 Gnu-UKC-X ..... Has entered the server ...... blah, blah, blah

Any ideas?



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I got the same thing in Americas Army.

Everything is sent to the server, but nothing shows up in game:

12/07/07 17:32:31 Log: PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub"@ [pb_sv_say 0 Message]

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Yeah it's a pb problem.

I had to re-install the server, because the new pb update kept crashing the server.

After the re-install, I entered the server and the greeting was there. Then when pb was done updating the files on the server, it restarted pb on the server and greeting was gone.


But atleast the server don't crash anymore....

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Thanks for the info.


It got to the point where they would show in the console, but not as a large coloured message, so I have now switched greetings off.


The added bonus of having them off I suppose, is that admins aren't being announced when joining, so can often jump into spectate mode unnoticed

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