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PB kicks Due to Service Abnormalitys/Losing Key Packets


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Okay, I know this has been posted alot and its probaly annoying to the people who have to answer this. But Before posting I did research a little and checked up on things that might help, Ive tried them all and yet it still kicks me out from everyroom i join either immeditally or a few secs even mins into the round.

Either from Service Abnormalitys or Loosing key Packets. I'm not to sure what that means but everyone says to update your PB. So i looked up a few sites and tried nothing happend. Here is the list of things that iv tried but no luck. Any other ideas?



Installed Bf 2142

Installed Patch 1.40

Ran game Kicked due to service abnormalitys

Unistalled game

reinstalled game

downloaded patch from new source

installed patch

still kicked for same reason



Deleted PB reinstalled PB using

pbsvc.exe and pbsetup.exe

right clicked my computer>Manage>Service & applications>Services

PnkBstrA was started

PnKBstrB was off so i started it


Running On Vista UAC is off


Im not sure how to put it into admin mode. I have one account on my pc i login to. Its always on but when i right click the icon and try to set it to admin mode it wont click its greyed out.

Also the game don't run on vista unless i put it to another os compatablity. Like 95,98,2000,net ect

some says insert disk and try again others have freeze errors

not sure what it is but i can play it if i set it to 95 for sure



I also updated with these from evenbalance

I wasnt sure which i needed so i did all the below ones

PunkBuster (BF2142) Security Files

Filename: pbsec.htm


PunkBuster (BF2142) Player Client Files

# PB Client v2.018 for Win32 (and Mac Cider version) Filename: wc002018.htm

# PB ClientA v1375 for Win32 (and Mac Cider version) Filename: wa001375.htm


PunkBuster (BF2142) Server Files

# PB Server v1.604 for Win32 (and Mac Cider version) Filename: pbsvnew.dll - last updated 12/03/2007

# PB Server v1.604 for Linux (32 bit) Filename: pbsvnew.so - last updated 12/03/2007

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I have a speedstream dsl internet box and a linksys wireless router which has always been plugged in since before i owned the game. It worked before then it stopped couldnt fix the problem and unistalled the game for a while then recently put it back on and now it boots me from servers for service abnormalitys

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Do you have any other computers in the house that run anything besides Vista?


Have you tried taking your computer to a friends house to see if maybe it is your internet connection?

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i got a suggestion. if ur losing key packets that means ur firewalls blocking it, now u will have pnkbstrA and B permission to have internet access i presume, so go into c:windows/system32/ and then search anything under the name of PnkBstr, there should b 2 other PnkBstrA nd B files and these are Adobe files however they are unreadable so dnt even try it, just allow those 2 files and PnkBstrK internet access(im tlkn about access in the windows firewall btw). otherwise to find out where the problem is turn ur windows firewall off, if it still doesnt work problems with ur independant security server, just to b safe do the opposite and turn ur normal firewall off and leave windows firewall on and try playin. this is a long shot though as there can b different firewall reasons 4 losing key packets.

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sorry i posted before i read other comments. but now that i have read them i believe the problem is with ur admin rights. if ur com profile does not have administor rights u cannot enable them for punkbuster therefore resulting in losing key packets. If nothing else works go into the administors account and grant admin access to your account ( i cnt remember how to do it so cnt hlp u there) otherwise play 2142 on the admins account

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