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You have no idea how much I hate having to post for help asking for help but I guess even us old hands need assistance once and a while.


Here goes, I have managed to get all of my servers to stream with the exception of my Crysis & Metal of Honor Airborne servers but since this is a MOHA section I will only address that question here.


I have followed all the instructions for streaming MOHA and have done nothing different that with any of the other servers that are streaming but for some reason it still will not stream. At this point I am not sure what else to do so I have attached copies of my PB files with the exception of the "PBUCON" file because it will not allow me to attach it here. These are the exact files I am using less any passwords or IP specific information.


If someone could take a look at them just to see if I have made any mistakes or overlooked something I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you have a MOHA server and have managed to get it to stream, I would be most grateful for any input you wish to offer.


Thanks- Janitor





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Team: Chicago Knight Warriors ([CKW])

Account ID: 1646

Streaming Status: Streaming (6 / 8)




Server List



BF2 - (Streaming)

COD4 - (Streaming)

ETQW - (Streaming)


BF2142 - (Streaming)

BF2 - (Streaming)

BF2 - (Streaming)



User List


The_Janitor (113802)


Helpful Links:

Account Management | Streaming & Banlist & Cvars / MD5's | PBBans Hub Flags | Master Player Index | Not Streaming Fix

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You can also try the Hub Guide as well: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?aut...&showfile=9

I appreciate the response and I have been looking this over but unfortunately I don't see anything different than I have already tried. I am not sure if this helps but below is the message I keep seeing repeat itself in the Crysis console window.


As I mentioned in my original post, all of my other servers are streaming fine, it's just Crysis & MOHA but let's just deal with Crysis for now. Please let me know if this helps you help me identify and rectify the problem.


^PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Session #170 Opened [] type=1 na\ ="pbbhub" Key= 354D759B1590B9DD0A01644741 BF5475

Next Line Same basic information at the beginning Except what's posted below.


^5 PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Session #170 Header Mismatch "pbbhub"\1926

* Keeps repeating with a new session id about every 30 seconds




Thanks- Tom

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