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is there a way to search if a clan is streaming here, these guys have been padding in our server under new names i have the videos they made displaying the names and you can trace their real names and clan thru their GUIDS, already supplied this info to punksbusted they cancelled their stream and will never be able to stream there again and was wondering about here

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stat padding alot in our servers and they made videos of this, used the names visible in videos , traced to original GUIDS, shows their real account names and the clan they are in streamed from here, one maybe a streaming admin here as he was on the PsB application at punksbusted


not sure if you guys are strict like PsB is on who you let stream here but if you want the info i can sure send it to you, as this clan wont be eligble for server at punksbusted now, already sent info in for resets to EA

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The Staff here at PBBans reviewed what you sent me. We find it hard to understand what keeping them from streaming would resolve. Based on the evidence in the videos, it appears they are acting a bit "thugish"...however, stat padding isn't really a cheat. I reviewed their GUIDs and all appear clean. I would think by blacklisting a group of folks based on the actions of a few members of the clan/group would send the wrong message to the PBBans community. PBBans does maintain a 100% Zero Tolerance Policy against cheating.


On another note....the do have 2 accounts at PsB....one is inactive and the other is set as Denied. Based on the key, Deny has several possible meanings...one of which is a duplicate account.

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