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PBSS website plugin or script


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Is there any known php script, plugin or java script that will allow me to:


A.) either redirect the pb screenshots to a remote website off the server so my clans admins can view?


B.) view the SS's from the server without having to log onto the server box itself?


I remember I think it was in america's army you could do something like http://<serverip>/<serverip>/pbsvss.htm and you could view them all from there. I cannot get that way to work correctly.


Just looking for a way so that we can have more of our admins going thru SS's and not have just one person doing it. Thanks for the help.

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doubledave .... why not get that CoD4 server streaming here to PBBans :P

We have 3 of 4 servers streaming so far. I looked at that thread, our game server is on win 2k3 the website is on linux. Appreciate the link will try to look at making something like that script for windows maybe.
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