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For COD4 Server Admins - MUST READ


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Hey gang,


Recently there has been a rash of script kiddies causing COD4 servers to crash by using certain DVARS in console. Apparently there is a very simple fix to this problem, and I HIGHLY recommend using this on your pub servers. There is no need to use it on your locked down match servers, as they are passworded and you have absolute control on who enters those.


So here you go, please follow these simple, yet effective instructions:

If your downloads are set 1 on your server, set them to 0


If your server.cfg is named server.cfg or config.cfg, rename it to something different like 12WWeSSwd.cfg if you can start your server. If not let your game server provider know to rename it.

Hopefully this will make it MUCH MUCH harder for these punks to crash COD4 servers.

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