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Will Modifying BF-V "InGameMap" (i.e. mini-map) tr


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It is pretty standard practice in the 21st Centrury Warfare tournament (MFOTS tourney for Desert Combat) to modify the ingamemap texture.


The ingamemap texture is the "mini-map" shown in the upper right portion of the HUD.


The reasons to modify the minimap are to label the flag/points with number, show the health/ammo lockers, and sometimes even put comments/directions onto the texture.


Many times the maps we play on are custom and having all of this eliminates confusion since you can say "B Company reinforce Flag 2."


The ingamemap is extracted from the map.rfa, modified in Photoshop, saved as a DDS file, then converted back to RFA.


That RFA (map_000.RFA) is placed in the same directory alongside the regular map.


Once again, this is standard practice for 21CW. In fact, in some companies, if you don't download the mini-map, you don't play. I can work up samples if you need one (our real mini-maps are top secret!).



My questions...


1) Will this trigger a PB ban in Battlefield-Vietnam when playing on a custom map?


2) Will this trigger a PB ban in Battlefield-Vietnam when playing on a standard map?



NVA, 4th Battalion, C Company Private Stg58Congo ([4|2NV]Pvt.Stg58Congo)


P.S. If answered here, please ignore my user registration.

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