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does somebody of the admins or staff know, how long the response times for a troubleticket at eb are? i opened a ticket at 5th Dec (sorry, can't link to the post regarding the cause for the ticket here because with the violation i gave back my pb-admin status in our clan. moreover our clan changed the gsp in the meantime and the streaming to pbbans wasn't reestablished so i can't link to the post in the protected forum area cause i haven't access to this anymore) with the last, and most important (log files etc.), reply on 19th Dec (sending a mail and making a post). till now i haven't got a read or deliver receipt for my mail nor have i got an answer on my replys from 4th and 11th Jan where i asked for a deliver or read receipt for this mail (cause otherwise i doesn't know if they got the mail and the issue is carried on).


i know, that i'm, for sure, not the only guy with an open tt at eb but i also know for sure, that i would get a heavy kick in the butt from my boss if i kept a customer waiting for an answer for nearly 4 weeks. is that a normal practice at eb or did i have to wait another 4 weeks, or maybe more, before i get an answer from them (if i get one at all)?

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