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Hello all


i have a problem

the server will not go to gametype S&D


I have upload Cvar and mod5tool to the server restart and nowe he coms with the war gametype

in the sever cfg is standing set g_gametype sd


who can help me? :(

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set sv_mapRotation


Check what is after that and that is the map rotation you've got along with what gametypes.

You should be able to just comment it out (//) and then uncomment the S&D rotation.

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I have had this happen to me before, but not with sd. Anyways the server was supposed to be on sab, but it was tdm. After the first map it changed to the actual configured gametype though.

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dont no if this helps you usualy have to do the map_restart for it to change game mode


i usualy do it this way


/rcon g_gametype sd




/rcon map_restart


and remember what ever the server is default setting it will go back to that on reboot

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