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Hey All,


Since the latest PB update on AA, My console gets spammed by PB notifications on removed players. It doesnt matter what kind of violation they trigger PB just keeps spamming that he has been removed from the game untill the player actually leaves the server. Is there any way to turn this off or does it just have to be fixed in a new PB update... This has been happening on both 2.8.2 & 2.8.3 so im quite sure its not related to the latest AA patch...


Tahnks in advance.

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I have been trying to work this one out - but no luck yet I am sorry :(


Perhaps a reinstall of the pb folder might help? Or if anyone else has any suggestions?

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Tried that already no luck yet... So i guess you are having the same problem as me then, Is there anyone else here on the forums who is having the same problem since the latest PB update...?

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Hi zodiac - I dont actually get the spammed messages Im sorry.. but I presume it must be a pb command gone haywire.. care to post up you pbsv.cfg file and maybe there is something in there that might give us a clue? ( Though I cannot see anything in a default .cfg that would cause this :( )


Other than that have you lodged a TT with EvenBalance?






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