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video driver hack... eh?!


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Recently I join my cod clans server and I can stay on there for about 2-3 minutes, then it kicks me for #90011 VIDEO DRIVER HACK. I dont quite understand what the hell this is and how it only affects me when I join my server. If i join any other server with PB installed, its fine. I can also assure that i am running no cheats what so ever and have no desire to in the near or distant future.


I have a GeForce 5900XT running the latest nVidia ForceWare drivers 56.74.

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i found out that my opengl32.dll was hacked... it was 96kb when it should have been 670kb. my real one was renamed to opengl32real.dll. :|

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bummer m8


but one thing i dont understand


if you was hacked in witch i would know about this hackers and crackers like myself if we change of modify somthing we dont keep the real one there we either replace it or delete it so there is 2 posibblities


1: Script Kiddy Got Into your computer either by you not undating a MS patch or you have some softwaere that is hackable or expliotable


2: Your telling alod of bull or a app changed you opengl.dll very rare

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