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Question about sof2 pbbans.dat


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Hi All ;)

Why the current pbbans.dat file is smaller than the file of November, 2007? :o

The current file contains approximately 7000 recordings, while the file of November contained 8000?

It is normal?


Thx for your answer

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We reviewed the database and removed the earliest bans that came from when PBBans first started up. We removed bans from the system that were added manually in 2003 and 2004 and were missing vital information, such as server IP, etc. These bans were not streamed to us but added manually from logs supplied from the admin. Based on the age of the bans and the game, it was considered a wise decision. The chances that those banned 4 years ago still attempting to play with their banned cd-key is highly unlikely. Also, cheaters have bad habits and will get caught again ;)

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