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Today we had or still have a hacker at E 027 Mountain pass


he shot only spezial ppl like me with higher honor and which he has known that they are good with m203. he only needed 3-5 all the time.


1. i thought ok a good player but then is was like a mistic .

he always shot me 1 , didnt matter where i was or which rifle i had,


all players started a pb_kick but not everyone voted him out so he was in the server for a long time.

not only we on ass said he is hacking also his tm8 did.


it looked like that he knew your pos your playername and your rifle.

after i was out he started to shoot at my calnmember {WicKeD}Blacky in the same way.


for example : you are at ass start go infront 1 tree you are dead with 3 pullets form him.__ asking def members for his pos _ dp low!!!


no sniper can see u there , but he shot you with m16!!!

after 15 rounds he stoped using the hack and the new players at def asked us if we are crazy:"He is not hacking"


You can believe me at this time i thought i am going crazy !!



his name you may ask:!??



America's Army Accountstats for Private First Class Pvt#Jonte Rating / Status



Username: Pvt#Jonte

Userrank: Private First Class

Honorlevel: 40

Tracked since: 31.12.2003 (131.4 days)

Total time played: 99.93 hours (0.8 hrs. per day)

Longest Session: 2.25 hours




Enemy Kills: 2,223

Killed in Action: 1,398

Fragrate: 1.59 (59%)

Score Points: 63,914

Leader / Goal Points: 9,390 / 37,277

ROE Points: 13,956




Average KILLS per hour / day: 22 / 17

Average KIA per hour / day: 14 / 11

Average ROE per hour / day: 140 / 106




Honor lost: 4

Username changed: 0




Last online - Time | Map: Today, at 21:10 on Mountain Pass

Last online - Server: U.S. Army Official E 027




Member of the Country: Sweden

Member of the Clan: No Squad/Clan selected


doesnt look so bad ?? hmmm


maybe he started to use a hack just at this day or his in game name is also a hack and this guy at the tracker isnt him



maybe you can tell me something about those hacks or if its possible that this guy is not detected!!??





I hate hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!


your {WicKeD}MSgtDomanian

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