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PBGuid COD4 and System Reformat


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I compete in CAL regularly and thus I am required to submit my pbguid to them. I have already done so and played in a few matches with the correct pbguid. However, I finally have set myself up with a fileserver and backed up all of my files. Now I would like to reformat my gaming pc's HD's and perform a fresh install of windows and COD4. My question is.... Will my PBGuid change if I'm using all of the same hardware and the same CDKey? It's very important to me that it doesn't change because I'm unable to update my guid before tomorrow's match if it does. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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No, your GUID will not change.....do a fresh install of Windows and CoD4 and you are back in business.


You may want to consider backing up your player profiles before you do the format....otherwise you will have to start over at rank 0.

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