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Morkeye + PBBans


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Ok not sure if this is the correct place to post this but seems to be the only forum i am able to post in atm.


I curently have an account setup on PBBans and have initaly setup our server however it is not configured for streaming yet to PBBans, only PSB as i have a couple of questions.


From what i can tell PBBans Hub? uses PBUCON for streaming. What i am wondering is will this have any adverse effect on our using Morkeye which also uses PBUCON.


For more info on Morkeye - look here


Basicly what it is and does is..It is a language violation tool which monitors in game chat for foul and or abusive language from a bad word list and dictionary file. It also greets players upon joing the server.


At any rate, we have found this tool invaluable for the short time we have been using it. However i would like to know if setting up PBBans to stream to our server will have an issue with it as they both seem to utilize PBUCON PB profiles. Also just as an FYI we are curently streaming to PSB but would like to stream to both PBBans and PSB and still be able to use Morkeye.


Any help would be apreciated.

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