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Admin message chat for hacker


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Hi all, i have a big problem with an admin, [-11th-]Rushyo, he have rosik too much on his server when i was on and so he write into chat message:


PB-Certified Hacker



PB certified this???

my guid is totally clear!!

He can do this??? Now i cant play that all players call me hacker and try to votekick me becouse they have read the text on his server


help me plz


thank you

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You are not banned by PBBans or any other of the AC orgs associated with AA.


That said, server admins can put any message they like on their servers so I would suggest playing on a different one in future.



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If your guid is not on any banlists ( which it isn't ) then you can play on all servers other than those that have added you to their Personal Banlists. i.e you would be able to play on our server as we do not have your guid on our list.


There are many servers that would not have you on their lists.


Sign up on this clans website and appeal their actions there.



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thx mates... appeal? LoL what is it for he? i have request appeal and the result is:

ban from is forum

blocked on is MSN contact...


LoL is a very child...


Huff if u dont kick my for the high ping on ur server I come anytimes on... :)

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